The rivalry between Amazon A+ Content and Amazon EBC

In today’s fast moving world, the incessant changes with time are inevitable. The only way to tackle the problems accompanying these changes is to get a grasp on a proactive approach. If you are an Amazon user, you must know that solely producing product description in five points along with a few pictures composed by crisp photography do not suffice for escalated growth anymore. There have now emerged a lot more attractive features as the number of sellers on Amazon began to grow at an exponential rate.

Amazon, which once served as a platform to elevate sales, now depicted a pool of brands to first compete with each other before aiming to turn visitors into customers. The competition strenuously increased and so did Amazon’s attempt to strengthen the competition amongst a myriad of brands aiming to make their investments worth it.

Amazon has always been known to enhance the buying experience of its customers; therefore, it continued to invest in vendor and seller exclusive features to promote a creative and innovative portrayal on the website. They persist on going above and beyond even if it means for them to integrate two features to produce a better, more intriguing feature for its users. Amazon recently merged Enhanced Brand Content and A+ content on its site for a better brand representation. Accompanying this, there also came the development of a new feature that could only be availed by a few vendors. It went by the name Premium A+ content. Before getting into the pointers that puts this feature on the top, let us first get a grasp on the A+ content, also known as EBC introduced by Amazon prior to the A++ content (Premium A+ content)

A brief preview of the Amazon EBC/ A+ Content

Alongside a plethora of creative and compelling features offered by Amazon, Amazon A+ Content houses a platform for the sellers and vendors to execute their product in a non-redundant and presentable manner. The users look up to this feature to give words to their agenda behind the product and escalate their conversion rate. It aids in improving brand representation and affinity by giving a structured space to the vendors to communicate with their potential customers. It manifests the products’ features in a compelling manner that stores to-the-point factors alongside decent photography of the product using high resolution.

This relevant information put up on Amazon also adds to the publicity aimed by the vendor by getting the product installed in the SEO data housed by Google. The right use of keywords in the Amazon A+ content could get you more audience and hence, publicize your product to a vast audience.

A brief preview of the Premium A+ Content

It works the same as the Amazon A+ Content but what sets it apart is its ability to execute aesthetic visual aids including imagery and videos alongside captivating content. It aims to structure the product description in such a way that the visitor automatically begins to skim through it even if they are not so adamant on buying the product. The more readers you gain, the more customers you make. This is exactly what Amazon Premium A+ content aims to achieve.

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It has been psychology proven that visual aids attract more eyes than solely words spreaded out in space. Considering the following, Amazon decided to give vendors a chance to express themselves in a riveting manner and enhance customer experience alongside. This way there is so much more to see than read ultimately escalating sales of the product on display.

How is Premium A+ Content different?

As you shift towards the Amazon Premium A+ Content you will notice that the way it represents your products on Amazon exceeds the capabilities of the A+ Content/ Amazon EBC.. For starters, it allows the vendors to use seven modules instead of five as permitted by the A+ Content feature. It spreads out the imagery and additional visual aids onto the entire screen for a sophisticated customer experience. Vendors availing this tempting feature are allowed to structure their landing page as they want by moderating the spatial boundaries of the videos and imagery. They are able to decide whether they want the videos on a full-screen to give a modern touch to the site or adjacent to the product description to place as much of the content as possible in one screen without having to scroll the page.

In Amazon A++ Content, there exists a myriad of options to connect the customer to the vendors they plan on buying from. There is a tab housing clickable ‘question and answer’ so as to address each query in an appropriate manner. Know that, with Premium A+ Content on Amazon, you can avail videos, enhanced imagery on one screen, question/answer tabs, carousel modules, comparison charts, mobile-friendly and voice-friendly pages for your products, testimonials, tabs for reviews and much more.

If you are a A++ Content user, you will be able to use 16 interactive modules and 12 basic modules as opposed to only 12 basic modules offered by A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon. The latter allows 6 modules to be executed on one page as opposed to the former that permits the vendors to play with 7 different modules creatively structured on one page. Moreover, the vendors using Amazon EBC are able to flaunt the imagery limited to 970 pixels only, whereas, A++ Content users can go up to incorporating 1464 pixels in their visual aids. This leads to a better representation of the product ultimately resulting in the conversion rate to skyrocket.

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As much as the A++ Content is highly praised for its modern and sophisticated execution, it must be noted that it costs up to $500k. On the contrary, A+ Content is free of cost and can be used by any vendor as long as it is registered on the Amazon Brand Registry. Whatever you choose, make sure it is an informed decision engendered from all the details about both the features. If you lack expertise anywhere, know there we are just a click away from you!


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