Let’s explore EBC!

EBC stands for Enhanced Brand Content that, quite literally, enhances your presence on Amazon. What comes to your mind when you hear EBC? Perhaps, glitter and shimmer with glamorous borders, unicorns and rainbows? Well, kind of like that, only not too much of a hassle for the users’ eyes. The following content will familiarize you with the EBC concept before taking a deeper dive into what it fundamentally entails.

In simple words, EBC is a feature-more like an assistance-generously offered by Amazon that updates your presence on Amazon by letting you induce attractive imagery, bullet points and resonating vibe with your product.

How do I avail this feature?

Is this feature for you? Well, yes it definitely is. However, you need to run through an eligibility check once you become a regular user for the EBC feature. After all, it would not be special if it were for everyone, right? So, you must keep in mind that you can only avail this feature if you have been deemed a professional seller by Amazon. To own that title, you need to get your brand identity approved by Amazon. There exists an Amazon Brand Registry process that one necessarily needs to undergo if they plan on using the Amazon EBC service.

How do I get my brand registered on Amazon?

Sit back and relax because a trail of details is coming your way to get you familiarized with the entire process, which, by the way, does not just pass on a whim. So, for starters, you must know the eligibility requirements so you can make a productive move, get your brand registered and avail this wonderful feature that Amazon has strategically bestowed upon you.

To be eligible, your brand must own a registered trademark that is permeating through each target country. If not this, you must at least have an application for the aforementioned filed through Amazon IP Accelerator in process. This trademark can manifest either in words or imagery housing letters, words or numerics. Remember that both word mark and design mark are acceptable for Amazon.

While we are on the subject, you must also know what kind of a trademark Amazon is primarily looking for. Your trademark must be a reflection of your brand name written on your application. If you went for a design based trademark, there needs to be a xerox copy of it on the application. If the information on your application fails to match your actual trademark, your request will not be approved.

Embriodery Digitizing Tips and tricks

After you are done pasting your trademark on to the form, make sure it is the trademark owner who submits the application. If, in any case, this is not possible, get the trademark owner to enroll the brand and write your name as an additional user. Remember to use your Seller or Vendor central credentials to sign into the application. When you do so, you will directly be able to access Brand Registry features and perks associated with Vendor and Seller services. Once you reach there, enroll your brand and there you have it! Complete access to the EBC feature that Amazon has created for you!

Witness your conversion rate rocketing!

Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon is an innovative fusion of attractive visual aids and catchy texts. When used in a well thought-out manner, one can easily notice their sales profit climbing the stairs of success. EBC tends to communicate the identity of your brand that resonates with the customer’s life compelling them to immediately make purchases.

When EBC infuses your product with creativity on Amazon, it gives it contrasting colors and text that are not only a treat to the eye but also entail necessary information. The customers’ eyes move directly towards your product and EBC ensures that their gaze stays intact until they add the product to their cart. As the digital age is beginning to emerge, it has become increasingly important to enhance your brand image on the screen. And what is better than letting EBC do its job and making yours a lot easier?

A video or EBC? You decide!

As it is common knowledge now that the prime goal of EBC is to flaunt creativity and give a better impression of your brand towards the prospective customers, it must not go unnoticed that Amazon now also gives you an option to upload a full-fledged video of your product. Yes, you read that right! Just as Vendors, Sellers, now can also use this feature to create heightened brand awareness for their targets.

As much as EBC profoundly enhances the brand image in the eyes of multiple users scrolling through Amazon all day, Amazon product video can give them a deeper insight into the product they are looking to buy. A video can include shots from every angle of the product giving a better perspective to the customers who might then be compelled into buying the product. It can also give the scroller a sneak peek into the product by zooming in to the instructions for use written on the product. By zooming out, the customer will also be able to know the exact size of the product so they are not fooled by the word of mouth that might have been permeating through the vicinity.

While a video could be a hit, it must also be kept in mind that Amazon caters to users from every place. Some places might have a weaker internet connection and the user might not open up the video and look at it while it buffers. Some people are just generally in too much of a hurry and would rather read than look at a video to set their mind on a product. So, there’s that. Both EBC and Amazon product video have their pros and cons that must be kept in mind when deeming one better than the other. However, who is stopping you from availing them both at a time?

Let’s wrap it up!

So far we have covered the intensity of significance of the Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon adds to your product listing-which is plenty by the way. We also acquainted you with the long but completely worthy process of getting your brand registered on the Amazon Brand Registry to avail exclusive features including EBC. Other than that, you now have a good deal of knowledge on the features of both EBC and Amazon Product video that can potentially level up your conversion rate in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let us aid you to make more sales in less time!


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