Features to profit from on Amazon!

Amazon persistently works to enhance the quality and standards of its Vendor and Seller Central features. These features aid the user to exhibit their product on the platform of Amazon as expected and demanded by the store’s online visitors. Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon serves the exact same purpose of elevating the brand presence and execution on Amazon. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content also houses the essence of Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content for vendors that collectively came to be known as the A+ Content.

To improve the shopping experience of an Amazon visitor and strenuously rocket up the seller’s conversion rate, Amazon introduced a myriad of templates for the sellers to choose from. The new Amazon templates allow the sellers to flaunt their product in multiple ways radiating versatility to please the prospective customer. These include 6 predefined templates and one custom template paving the way for sellers to enhance their sales on Amazon.

Embriodery Digitizing Tips and tricks

Dive into the 6 ways Amazon allows you to present yourself!

The first visual aid that assists in attracting customers is your company logo. The more creativity and peculiarity it entails, the more random scrollers you will attract. Amazon allows you to place your logo on its innovative templates for the customers to internalize your brand identity and consistently purchase the reliable products you produce.

As you artistically give your product an enhanced identity, Amazon will allow you to incorporate Image Header with Text to communicate the purpose and usage of your product to the target audience. Other than that, It equips you with tools to explain the product functions by allowing you to use the feature of Multiple Image Module A. This allows you to sort the product features into groups before conveying it to the visitors. This elevates readability while enabling you to highlight the profound benefits of your product. Amazon EBC Modules also assists you in composing Product Description Text so you can conveniently get the details of your product across.

Embriodery Digitizing Tips and tricks

Moreover, Amazon entails a Standard Comparison Chart that houses up to ten comparison parameters used to compare approximately six brands. This allows the Amazon users to select the best possible product. Along with this, as a vendor and seller, you can also produce Standard Four Images and Text and divide the features of your product into visual aids explained by specific texts.

Trouble using the modules? Don’t worry! Amazon has got you covered!

Along with making these exclusive features available, Amazon also provides a trail of guidelines pertaining to each module. These guidelines must be taken into account to make the execution of your products on Amazon successful and get your conversion rate to reach peaks.

Before getting into details, make sure you have utterly fulfilled Amazon’s criteria to avail this feature. After you are in, articulate your text in a way that it answers every query any potential customer might have. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and think of what parameter would you measure your best purchase on. Fit in those qualities into your Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon and witness your conversion rate and sales rocketing up in no time.

Barriers to using A+ content

Since Amazon bestows so much liberty to the seller, it is only natural that it sets some boundaries and restrictions to the usage of A+ Content. Keep reading to get familiarized with these restrictions and make no mistake while you are on the journey to put yourself on the map.

Your images must be sharp and composed of high resolution when appearing in the preview of the module. You are not permitted to use unauthorized language in your EBC templates. Refrain from using inaccurate and Biased Information on Amazon such as “number one product” or “cleans 100% germs.” You must also keep yourself from using words pertaining to promotion such as “cheap” and “free.”

Other than that, keep the displayed content limited to the product features description rather than letting shipping information take up the space. Along with ensuring error free content, you must also refrain from redirecting the visitors to any external page using links.

If you keep an eye out for any kinds of potential errors mentioned above, you will have no problem getting your content approved. Once you are sure Amazon loves it, wait for approximately 24 hours before it is pasted on the official page.


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