Benefits of Amazon's New "Buy With Prime" For E-Commerce for Both Buyers and Sellers

Amazon prime membership is truly amazing. It has been enormously beneficial to its premium members. It is a paid subscription service that offers its prime members a free delivery option. It also provides additional services that include exclusive access to sales, and free movie streaming. But due to its limited offers only for buyers, Amazon prime has now expanded and launched a new ‘Buy With Prime’ feature that is not only profitable for buyers but also for sellers.

What is ‘Buy With Prime’?

Buy With Prime allows merchants to grow their direct-to-customer stores and e-commerce stores by giving access to customers of free, fast shipping and a seamless checkout experience. Previously, it was launched by sending invitations to merchants who are already registered in Amazon’s Multi-channel fulfillment. Now, it has expanded to all those merchants which are on and off Amazon’s Marketplace.

Buy With Prime is a game changer for many brands. It helps merchants to grow their small businesses by offering convenient prime shipping benefits to their customers on their own websites beyond Amazon.

Amazon Buy With Prime Benefits To Sellers:

For sellers, buy with prime has proven to be a fantastic strategy for sellers. It alleviates their shipping burden. The 'Buy With Prime' badge from Amazon is shown on external sites of sellers (once they get an invitation from Amazon) to entice customers with the promise of quick shipping and no-fee returns. It helps to:

1. Boost Your Brand Awareness:

When customers purchase your product they don’t get to know much about your website, brand, and the products you offer as they directly land on amazon. But with Amazon's ‘Buy With Prime’ feature, customers directly interrelate to your website and purchase while still enjoying the benefits of an Amazon Prime Membership.

This way your brand awareness and online exposure increases and customers receive more insights about your products.

2. Drives Traffic And Sales:

Once you integrate Amazon Buy with Prime on your website, your prime members will be able to enjoy an expedited checkout experience, as opposed to manually entering their information.

By doing so, you will get more customers using your flexible and trusted services. As a result, you will have more sales and traffic on your website.

3. Builds Customer Trust:

Through the 'Buy With Prime' feature, customers can shop directly on your website. This helps customers become more familiar with the brand and items you sell.

This is very helpful to build a long-term relationship with your customers. By this, your current customers will be motivated enough to purchase your products again. This way your products will get more sales.

When a customer purchases with the Buy With Prime feature, sellers can get customers' personal information like their names and emails which they can use to build relationships via marketing and promotions of their products. Thus, this helps to increase brand awareness.

How Does ‘Buy With Prime’ Work?

To get things started, Amazon will send you an invitation to make use of the Buy With Prime benefit, if you are already registered with Fulfilment By Amazon(FBA). Therefore, a customer who visits your site will notice a Buy with Prime button during the checkout process.

Prime users of Amazon can then select to check out and can finish their payment by buying something with full advantage of Prime shipping benefits.

Customers have the option of utilizing the saved payment and delivery information in their Amazon accounts. With this, customers will be able to take advantage of Buy With Prime's brisk and cost-free shipping options.

Amazon Buy With Prime Benefits To Customers:

For customers, its benefits are obvious. You will be able to get free shipping and free returns on eligible products by using Amazon’s Buy With Prime. With a few clicks, buyers can place their order and receive order updates like when they buy from

But, Amazon doesn't provide you with specific search results for a product you want to buy. Instead, using Amazon's Buy With Prime lets you search for exactly what you want on a particular website.

How To Setup Amazon Buy With Prime In Four Way:

  1. Set up an Amazon’s Buy With Prime account, then add your company details.
  2. Setup the Buy with Prime by linking an Amazon Seller Account, then import your existing amazon product catalog information by enabling Multi-Channel Fulfillment.
  3. Link an Amazon Pay Account for streamlined checkout experiences.
  4. Pick products to offer prime by displaying a prime logo on them.
  5. Copy and paste Amazon’s Buy With Prime button to your existing site.

How To Increase Sales Through Buy With Prime:

To boost your sales and enhance online visibility on your website it is required to provide your customers with the following things:

  • Product photograph: A good product graphic entices consumers to purchase your items.
  • Listing of the product: This section provides users with a comprehensive description of the product.
  • A+ content: This facilitates people in understanding the products and assists them through any uncertainty.

So, if you are a brand owner and want to increase engagement with the users, by providing photographs of the product along with a detailed description to enlighten your users about the product, then Amazon EBC is a fantastic approach to enhance your conversions and sales through its wonderful Amazon EBC Design and with A-plus content.

We provide brand owners with captivating and professionally attractive product photos, informative A Plus content, and a compelling product listing. This helps brand owners in increasing sales on their site and allows more customers to access it.


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